About Living Fluidra

Living Fluidra is Fluidra’s news portal. This platform was created with the aim of centralising all information about the companies that belong to the group, improving communications within the organisation and encouraging employees to interact with each other, which is without a doubt the main value of our group.

Through this digital medium, anyone interested in the latest news about Fluidra, particularly the employees in the various companies that belong to the group, can easily catch up with every facet of Fluidra’s overall situation, namely:

Fluidra. All news about the Fluidra corporation and its subsidiaries around the world.

Innovation. New products and projects, new initiatives, new ways of doing things, etc.

CSR. All the latest news about charity work, funding and sponsorship, and internal competitions.

Products. Find out more about our excellent product range.

Commercial swimming poolOlympic, public pools, in gymnasiums, spas … are one of our main specialties.

Learning. Product training and other training courses run in over 40 countries and through FluidrAcademy.

All of the latest news about the group can be accessed from any mobile device with an Internet connection.