Four seasons, endless opportunities for physical activity

Four seasons, endless opportunities for physical activity

“It’s too cold”, “I don’t want to get my hair wet”, “it’s too boring”, “it’s too hot out…” These are just some of the excuses you might have for avoiding exercise, something that often happens when you’re not sure what type of activity is right for you.

Every season is full of ways to keep moving and stay in shape. Of course: not every type of activity can (or should) be done year-round, and some activities are better suited to certain seasons that others.

What’s important is that you get up, get moving, and get your body working. Exercise is the best way to avoid a sedentary lifestyle, one of the leading public health problems in most countries.

And you don’t have to take our word for it: According to the World Health Organization (WHO), at least 60% of the global population fails to achieve the minimum physical activity recommendations for staying healthy. This damages the body and increases the risk for diseases related to a sedentary lifestyle, including obesity, osteoporosis, several types of heart disease, and even depression.

Fluidra cares about health and well-being, particularly that of everyone who belongs to the Group. To that end, we have created Fluidra Health, a program to promote healthy habits in the company.  LivingFluidra joins the initiative by creating content about exercise and personal well-being that can help all of us stay active and healthy.

To help you seize the opportunities that different times of the year offer, below is a select list of six sports for each season that are perfect for taking full advantage of the weather and other environmental-related conditions. Get inspired, choose the option you like best, and keep your body moving!

WINTER The cold shouldn’t stop you from exercising. In fact, there is a long list of sports you can only do in winter, since they require specific temperatures and weather conditions.

SPRING It’s time to say goodbye to winter sports once the snow melts. But there’s no reason to be sad! Warmer weather means you can get back outside without having to bundle up.

SUMMER Summer is made for being in and on the water, even more so when there are a variety of water activities to keep you busy while you beat the heat. So whether you choose the beach, the pool or a lake, here are several alternatives to keep the heat at bay while getting some exercise.

FALL The end of the heat and summer vacation is no excuse to stop exercising. In fact, take advantage of your usual routine and the falling temperatures to incorporate physical activity into your daily schedule. You won’t be able to resist our suggestions!

And we don’t want to end this article without reminding you that keeping your mind healthy is just as important as keeping your body in shape. We recommend regular Yoga or Pilates classes to balance both body and mind. Not only do they boost mental health, but you can do any of these activities year-round.

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