Interview with Jaume Morral, 30 years at Metalast!

Interview with Jaume Morral, 30 years at Metalast!

Jaume Morral, Santa Perpètua de Mogoda, married and with a 22-year-old daughter, started working at Metalast 30 years ago.

He is responsible for giving technical assistance to customers and to all other departments, dealing with records management of product modifications, as well as of regulations that apply to products, and managing the patent portfolio.

His vast knowledge about the products has earned him the nickname of “the Wikipedia of Metalast”. Let’s get to know him a bit better!


  • Hi Jaume, first of all, everybody at Living Fluidra would like to congratulate you and express their great admiration for your 30 years at Metalast. How did you get into the company?

When I was 14, I worked and studied at the same time, but the company I was working for was going through a rough patch. The opportunity then came up for me to join Astral’s Technical Department. It was a difficult decision to take at the time, but now I’m glad to have accepted the job and to belong to the Fluidra group. Thirty years have gone buy but they have gone by very quickly.

  • What do you like the most about your job?

Over these past 30 years in the group, I have had the opportunity to take an active part in the development of the stainless steel products manufactured by Metalast. In the beginning we made a basic range of products: steps, showers, filters, manual pool cleaners and hoses. These ranges were gradually extended and a considerable number of new products introduced to satisfy the new demands of the market.

It is highly satisfying to see that some of the products that I actively took part in developing 10, 20 or 30 years ago are still being made. I feel that their success is partly down to my work.

I also like solving the problems that a product may have to make it better or make its manufacture more efficient. And giving my workmates and the sales companies information.

  • How do you think the company has changed over these past 30 years?

It has gone from being a family business to become the multinational company it is now. We now have a great capacity for innovation. We already had subsidiaries all over Europe: France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom and Portugal, but over the past few years the group has experienced a huge expansion worldwide.

New product ranges and those of the companies taken over have been added, which has turned Metalast into a company with a great production capacity and a diverse portfolio. Fluidra can now be considered to be a leader at an international level.

  • Your workmates describe you as a calm and collected man. What characteristics do you believe a worker should have to enjoy a long career at the company?

To be respectful, responsible, enjoy your job and share your experience.

  • What message would you like to give to the rest of your colleagues in the group?

I would like to give them my encouragement and tell them that they are in a good company. That they should feel proud of belonging to Fluidra, and to wish them the greatest of success in their work.


Personal portrait

A colour: blue

A place for getting away from it all: Vall d’Aran

A book or film: The Shawshank Redemption

I couldn’t live without: my family


Thank you so much for all these years of dedication, professionalism and team spirit, Jaume!

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