Odorless, insipid, but… luxurious?

Odorless, insipid, but… luxurious?

We usually understand water as something ordinary, of daily use. We find it hard to imagine that a glass of the most commonly found liquid on earth could be a delicacy worth thousands of dollars. But its origin and treatment can make water a premium refreshment.

Not all water is the same. Even tap water from one part of a city can differ from that in another part. So imagine the difference there can be between water taken from a mountain spring and that obtained from the melting of a glacier in one of Europe’s last great forests. The origin, treatment, and properties of water can determine not just its taste and quality, but also what it’s worth.

Bottled water tastings feature exquisite examples with unusual backstories that considerably increase their price, reputation, and popularity. Imbibing a glass of some of these bottled waters is a pleasure not within everyone’s reach.

Below we present 20 high-end waters that will surprise you with their details and peculiarities. We recommend you read right to the end, because the last one… Just may surprise you!



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