We meet Juan Martínez Rillo, composer of the song “Fluidra in Your Hands”

We meet Juan Martínez Rillo, composer of the song “Fluidra in Your Hands”

Juan Martínez Rillo, 56, married with two children, has been with the group for the past 21 years and is currently in the Cepex “injection department”. A few months back he surprised us by composing and singing a song about Fluidra, entitled “Fluidra in Your Hands” (“Fluidra a les teves mans”), which has become the theme for this year’s drawing competition. But this is not his first song. We were keen to learn more.


Hi, Juan. Could you tell us a bit about what your work involves? How has it changed over the years?

I joined the group 21 years ago, with Forplast, in Les Franqueses. Today I’m the head of the production area in the PVC zone morning shift at Cepex. I’ve learnt a great deal about injection across the entire plastic range we work with during my time with the group. I have noticed an improvement in lean management implementation in recent years which is helping us be better organised and more precise.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

Music, of course, and sport, too. I run around three times a week and I also like travelling, meeting people and learning about different customs.

Is “Fluidra in Your Hands” your first song?

No, I wrote my first song at the age of 19 and dedicated it to the woman who is now my wife. I have an album with 11 songs which I published a few years ago and some five more contemporary songs. That’s on top of the Fluidra one! Here’s an example of my work.

Why did you decide to write a song inspired by Fluidra?

The idea came to me at work one day. I was thinking about Fluidra and its links with water and it inspired me. I saw it as a challenge, because it’s not common to write songs about your workplace.

How was the experience?

Very positive and satisfying. It’s made me keen to do another one for the company.

What other themes are you considering composing a song about?

As a result of Fluidra and water, I’m interested in writing about the wonderful world that surrounds us, its elements and how we perceive them. I also want to continue with Fluidra, to talk about my experience as an employee, my colleagues and so on.


A message for everyone in the group: may you keep up the good vibe we have at present. May you also decide to create initiatives and I hope that you like the song!

Personal profile:

  • A colour: blue
  • A place to lose yourself in: a house between the sea and the mountains
  • A book or film: The Green Mile
  • I couldn’t live without: my wife and kids

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